Sunday, November 29, 2009

Silk Road, Upper West Side アッパーウエストのシルクロード

We went to see the "Silk Road" Exhibition at the Museum of Natural History yesterday. For some reason when I hear the word "silk road" my heart always gets restless. I have been drawn to the camels, the deserts, the moon and the travelers... ever since I was a child. The exhibition was rather small, but very charming. It is perfect for children. Then we walked across the Central Park. It was getting dark and the soft moon light was hitting the city. The walk felt long... as if I were traveling through the silk road.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My recent addiction これ無しではちょっと、、!

I just love this stuff!!! I have been addicted to horse radish for several months now. When I first came to the states as a child I did not know what the horse radish was... it is not a common item in Japan although some farmers in Hokkaido have begun growing them. One day back in spring, I happened to buy a "horse radish hummus" at the Celler in Long Island City. I fell in love with its unique taste and kept buying it everyday! Then, one day, they completely stopped selling it. I got so 'agitated' and 'angry' (sign of addiction!) and could not stop thinking about the horse radish hummus. I went to the Whole Foods and they did not have it. So I just bought a bottle of horse radish and mixed with a regular hummus. It was that simple...why did not I think about that sooner...?!? I put it on everything - sandwitches, grains, crackers... sometimes I just eat it as it is. I thank God for creating this!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back in NYC! 久々のニューヨーク

Oh my goodness, I have not written anything here for a long time! My stay in Tokyo was great - being with my parents, seeing friends, eating good food everyday and having my solo-exhibition!
Oh, one more... seeing the Dalai Lama again in Tokyo, too! On the way back to NYC I watched "Julie and Julia." It was a cute movie and it was shot in the Long Island City! I could not wait to walk my dog near the pier (see the photos above)...! I just love it here. Welcome home, Rima!

一ヶ月以上ぶりです!笑 久々のニューヨークは思ったより暖かで、ホッとしました。東京からNYCへと向かう飛行機で見た映画「ジュリーとジュリア」は、私が住むロングアイランドシティがロケで、懐かしかったです。戻った翌日、チャイを連れていつものお散歩コースを楽しみました。川沿いの桟橋(上の写真)です。夜景も見事でしょう?!ホントにここが大好き!もう、どこにも移りたくなりです〜!
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