Friday, July 30, 2010

Laguna de las Flores ラグーナデラフロレス

Palm trees are upside down...? No, no, look carefully! This is a reflection on the water.
After spending a good full week in bed (I had a bad cold) it was so nice just to stroll in this beautiful lily pond at the Balboa Park.


It seems to be an universal habit to throw coins into the pond. Here too, there are so many sparkling coins on the bottom of the lily ponds. Lucky me! I found a penny in my pocket, so I made a very long wish (should have thrown a dime at least for it), and threw the penny. May my wishes come true... ;)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

San Diego Museum サンディエゴ美術館

There are so many strange and beautiful looking flowers and trees at Balboa Park. Some look so eerie that stop me completely! We saw those trumpet-like flowers today that reminded us the flowers we had eaten in Turkey. Yes, we ate flowers in Turkey!
I do not know the name of the flower, but it looked like these ones in the photo above. The flowers were stuffed with vegetables and baked. Yum.... they were so delicious!


I hear that there are over 40 museums at Balboa Park. We did not know where to begin, so we just kept walking around. Each architecture was so beautiful. Some reminded me of old churches in Northern Italy, but the palm trees...? That is right, the palm trees are definitely the symbol of San Diego!


Friday, July 16, 2010

San Diego Zoo サンディエゴ動物園

Actually, I am against zoos. For that reason I never go to any zoos. However, I was kind of forced into going to the San Diego Zoo by my husband. Well, it has been his life-time dream to go to this zoo, especially to see "Baby Frank" (who's not a baby any more!) Baby Frank was a baby gorilla a few years ago, and we saw him on television one day, and my husband fell in love with this fury friend. Ever since, he has been talking about Baby Frank non stop. Therefore, I had to go to the zoo... because I knew how much it would make him happy!


Unfortunately, Baby Frank was not there in the "display" that day. There was another baby, and he was so cute! He was very naughty trying to provoke his father to play with. His giant father kept eating broccoli and lettuce, and ignore the baby. The baby got frustrated that began splashing sand to his dad! Even after that, the dad kept ignoring him... what a funny family it was. It was nice to see so many visitors who were enjoying the zoo..., but I still felt that all animals should be able to live their lives in nature... as they wish.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dog Beach ドッグビーチ

We took Chai to the dog beach in Coronado Island where the famous Coronado Hotel is. Chai had never seen an ocean before ever in his life! We were so curious about his first reaction towards the sea. When we fist reached the beach Chai was curious about the sand. He sniffed the sand and even tasted a little... ended up having a sandy mustache! Then he finally saw the water and the waves he did not know what to do with them. I had to walk towards the water to guide him. He followed me, but he ran back every time the waves came after him.
Eventually he learned by watching other dogs jumping into the ocean to swim. Chai finally began enjoying splashing the water and playing with other local doggies!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jacaranda Tree ジャカランダの木

These magical purple flowers are everywhere in San Diego! They are breathtakingly beautiful. The first time I ever saw the Jacaranda trees was in India. When I was driving from Delhi to north I noticed these lovely purple trees. I remember asking around the name of the flowers, but the local people in the Indian village did not know it. Then, there they are! I can see a big tree from my window in San Diego. My friend Graham told me the name of the flower. Now I know it, finally... after many years!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Chai has arrived! チャイが着きました!

Our pug, Chai has crossed the country! He "drove" for 10 days from New York City to San Diego, and finally arrived yesterday. He apparently had a summer romance with a 7-month-old bulldog (photo above) named "Keio." She kept barking sadly when Chai was leaving the van. Janet, the woman who drove Chai from New York told me that Chai was always hungry and wanted to play. Well, that's our dog. Always hungry and always ready to play.


I gave him a long bath to clean him up, then took him to a dog run in Balboa Park. He was so excited to run around and began his normal routine: sniffing!

This is the view from the dog run at the Balboa Park. It is the roof top of the Museum. I have not been there yet, and am looking forward to visit there sometimes very soon!

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