Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My recent addiction これ無しではちょっと、、!

I just love this stuff!!! I have been addicted to horse radish for several months now. When I first came to the states as a child I did not know what the horse radish was... it is not a common item in Japan although some farmers in Hokkaido have begun growing them. One day back in spring, I happened to buy a "horse radish hummus" at the Celler in Long Island City. I fell in love with its unique taste and kept buying it everyday! Then, one day, they completely stopped selling it. I got so 'agitated' and 'angry' (sign of addiction!) and could not stop thinking about the horse radish hummus. I went to the Whole Foods and they did not have it. So I just bought a bottle of horse radish and mixed with a regular hummus. It was that simple...why did not I think about that sooner...?!? I put it on everything - sandwitches, grains, crackers... sometimes I just eat it as it is. I thank God for creating this!


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