Monday, April 12, 2010

The Metropolitan Opera 椿姫

La Traviata. It is one of my favorite operas and I cannot remember how many times I saw it in my life. My husband who used to hate opera now loves it (my good influence!) and we went to see it at the Met. We had a pre-theater dinner at Pasha, a wonderful Turkish restaurant as usual.


Among many things I love about the Met these signature chandeliers are my favorite. They look like delicate snow flakes and right before the opera starts they slowly go up to the ceiling! I have seen La Traviata many times, but I must say that this production by Franco Zeffirelli was amazing. The costume was breathtaking, too! Violetta's room was provided by Etro, her fur coat was by FENDI. It was just gorgeous. この素晴らしいオペラハウスの中でも私が最も好きなのは、雪の結晶のようにデリケートなシャンデリアです。メットの有名なシャンデリア。開幕の直前に静かに天上に向かって上がって行くんですよ!もう、綺麗、綺麗!フランコゼフィレリによるステージデザインは、もう最高でした!そして、コステュームも息を飲むほど美しかった。主人公ヴィオレッタの部屋はエトロが手掛け、彼女の豪華な毛皮のコートはフェンディが提供。なんともゴージャスなオペラでした!

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