Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Exhibition Has Started! お嫁に行きました

I installed my exhibition last night at Isetan Art Gallery. Thirty new drawings and paintings, new prints, old prints, postcards, and etc. etc...
The other day, I was told that Her Majesty Imperial Highness Princess Takamado has my books and likes my art. I feel so honored!

Two years ago I was invited to a gala dinner party for Birds Life International hosted by her and Prince Albert of Monaco. I did not have a chance to talk with her in person, but since she was sitting near me our eyes met and we smiled each other. She is elegant, and her smile is beautiful and warm. She speaks perfect English. What a fine lady she was.

Oh, by the way, during my preparation last night a big collector of mine showed up, and my new three pieces were sold. My art is so lucky to be with someone who truly treasures my art!

Lastly, I am sending my love and prayers to my favorite place in the world, my home, New York.




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