Sunday, August 16, 2009

More photos from Japan! 日本旅行その2


The Toya Lake (the top photo) was taken from our hotel room. It looked so mysterious and beautiful! The G8 Summit was held here last summer. The area was filled with the honeymooners from China. The second photo is from the Fusemi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. We are certain that Christo had been inspired by this to create his Gates! There were hundreds of Torii for miles and miles. Also, the Ninosaka street in Kyoto was a perfect stroll on a hot day in Kyoto.
It was extremely hot, but the street was so beautiful that it was soothing. We spent the last day in Tokyo. We visited one of my favorite spots in Tokyo, Naniwaya in Azabujuban. It is the oldest Taiyaki shop in Japan. My husband who loves "Anko" (red bean paste) was thrilled to try the famous Taiyaki (fish-shaped red bean sweets). The owner came to greet us. He's a well-known celebrity on television. He told my husband to eat the Taiyaki from its "head" because all men should do so. He said that women should eat from the "tails."

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