Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An amazing documentary 素晴らしいドキュメンタリー

A friend of mine who co-produced and partially filmed this documentary took me to the private press screening today in New York today. It will officially release in NYC on March 31 for two weeks. This film has won several Human Rights awards including the Vaclav Havel Award, Rudolf Vrba Award in Europe and a major one in Mumbai.
It is a good film. Really good. It deeply draws you in and keeps you so interested. It is about the past 51 years of Tibet's struggle under the Chinese occupation. It's about Tibetans' pain, struggle, despair, sorrow, anger, hope and faith. I wept throughout the entire movie. It was so moving to see real people's real pain... that still exists at this moment. This film was seen as such a controversial piece at the Palm Spring International Festival - obviously China did not want the world to see this film about Tibet's struggle- however, it was selected as the best film at the festival and it's been shown throughout the world now.


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