Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you Tibet! Gala Dinner at the Pierre Hotel

This is my dear Tibetan friend, Sonam Zoksang who is a renowned photographer (www.visionoftibet.com.) He was the very first Tibetan whom I met in my life and he inspired me to start my organization, "Books for Children." We sat next to each other at the benefit party for the Tibet Fund. The fabulous dinners were prepared by star chef Eric Ripert and his friends!
All the following photos were taken by him. 人生最初のチベタンの友人、ソナムゾクサンと。彼がそもそも私が「ブックスフォーチルドレン」を始めたきっかけとなった親友。有名なフォトグラファーです。

This is Tendor, the executive director of Students for a Free Tibet. He was lobbing for Tibet all day in Washington D.C. that day. SFT代表のテンドルもホワイトハウスでロビーした後、参加。


The man on the right is Mr. Lodi Gyari who is the special envoy of the Dalai Lama. He is the one who has been talking with China for many years to solve the problems between Tibet and China.

This is the banquet room at the Pierre Hotel. I have been here for other parties and I was amazed how this room could look so different for each occasion! The man who is sitting in front of me is a rinpoche from Switzerland. The dinner was amazing and it was such a fun event. I Love Tibet!

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