Monday, May 3, 2010

Lovely Sunday Night ラブリーな日曜日の夜

This is definitely how I like to spend a Sunday night...having been fed this incredible meal at my favorite friend's house! My husband and I went to C & K's loft in NoHo for dinner. C is a professional chef and has a company called RASA. She often treats us with her amazing creation of raw food. We brought a bottle of Champagne that we were saving for a special occasion. The first course was Tuna Tartar with Papaya ginger sauce.


The Chef did not know that I was allergic to mussels so she prepared some shrimps for me. Some Asian vegetables cooked in coconut sauce with quinoa was so delicious. ムール貝が食べれないことを知らなかった友人シェフは急遽、私のためにエビのグリルを用意してくれました!

C and K ate all the mussels so quickly! They looked so good... how sad that I am allergic to mussels... I must have eaten too many mussels in my past life...

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