Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Key to Happiness 幸せの秘訣

I was invited to attend a very special dialogue between two Nobel Prize Laureates, H.H.The Dalai Lama and Dr. Susumu Tonegawa from MIT. Before it began I met my beloved teacher for many years who is a long-time personal attendant of His Holiness. He travels around the world all the time with HHDL, and he is extremely busy, but never forgets to be kind and attentive to others. He is truly an amazing being!



Then, the dialogue began. The theme of the dialogue was "science and compassion," "science and human heart" and so on. My seat was on the very first row and right in front of the stage! When His Holiness came on the stage he noticed me, and said "Hello!" waving his hand at me. It made me happy, but so nervous that I had to behave well and kill my yawns. I refrained from having a cough drop also!

Dr. Tonegawa, HHDL and Peter Barakan, the MC all spoke in Englsih, and since they knew that I spoke English they often talked while looking at me. That made me behave even better that I was so exhausted after the 3-hour-dialogue! lol
Needless to say that the exhaustion was a good one. The dialogue was so interesting - brain and compassion, brain and heart, the fact that meditation is good for the human brain, etc.- that I wanted to hear more and more.

I learned a lot, and to express it in one word it will be like this...:
"Real happiness does not come from materials although they make you happy for a moment. Real happiness must come within, and must be trained by yourself. Only you can bring real happiness within yourself, and we all have that potential to do so already within ourselves."

And the key to cultivating real happiness is altruism. You must find passion in helping others in your life. If you are only concerned about yourself you will never find real happiness.

I shall try my best to apply what I learned today to my daily life!







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