Sunday, December 8, 2013

Green&Organic Holiday Gift!

Have you done your holiday shopping? Are you possibly overwhelmed by the numerous "stuff" around you to choose from? When I buy something I try to think carefully 1. why it's a good idea, 2. is it a green/organic product, 3. whom will it benefit, etc. before purchasing them. In today's world we are all responsible to think why we buy, what we buy and what for. Many of us live in such a consuming culture, and we are all taught that buying makes us happy. Well, we are also smart enough by now that it is not true.

I was introduced to MUN a few months ago, and tried their signature 100% organic serum. I enjoyed the exquisite aroma of rose and other flowers, and was amazed by its quality. My skin looked and felt incredibly healthy when I began using this serum. However, more than anything else, I've been impressed by the company's commitment to create a truly organic product that will benefit people and the environment!

Enjoy this wonderful limited-edition collaboration set! There is only a few left- so hurry! :)

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