Friday, July 16, 2010

San Diego Zoo サンディエゴ動物園

Actually, I am against zoos. For that reason I never go to any zoos. However, I was kind of forced into going to the San Diego Zoo by my husband. Well, it has been his life-time dream to go to this zoo, especially to see "Baby Frank" (who's not a baby any more!) Baby Frank was a baby gorilla a few years ago, and we saw him on television one day, and my husband fell in love with this fury friend. Ever since, he has been talking about Baby Frank non stop. Therefore, I had to go to the zoo... because I knew how much it would make him happy!


Unfortunately, Baby Frank was not there in the "display" that day. There was another baby, and he was so cute! He was very naughty trying to provoke his father to play with. His giant father kept eating broccoli and lettuce, and ignore the baby. The baby got frustrated that began splashing sand to his dad! Even after that, the dad kept ignoring him... what a funny family it was. It was nice to see so many visitors who were enjoying the zoo..., but I still felt that all animals should be able to live their lives in nature... as they wish.


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