Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life in SoCal 南カリフォルニアでの生活

I've been living in San Diego for three months now, and it is still so surreal to see those gigantic palm trees everywhere. They are so tall that I wonder why they have to be so tall. The sunset is spectacular every night. It's only 10 minutes to the beach from our place, and I still cannot get used to the idea how beautiful it is to be on the beach! What a luxury that is...!


There are so many beautiful beaches here in San Diego. Every day at the sun set many surfers come out and wait for the waves. Water can be really cold, and I don't know how they can stay in water for so long even with the wet suits! I rather watch them than surf myself... I tried once in Hawaii and gave up when I could not even paddle out there in the ocean!


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