Friday, October 29, 2010

Royal dinner with the princess

Since the photographing was not allowed at the dinner I have no photos to show here, but I had this very rare and special opportunity to attend a royal dinner with a princess of Japan, Prince Albert of Monaco, his fiancee, Prince of Luxenburg and more last night. The princess was extremely charming, friendly, elegant and intelligent. She gave me a big smile so I slowly and politely bowed. Her smile melted me... she is extremely charismatic!

I was also impressed by Prince Albert`s friendliness. He spoke English with no French accent, and I was wondering why... and oh, yes, of course! His mother was American, the famous Hollywood star, Grace Kelly!

I also enjoyed looking at the guests` dresses. Many women wore beautiful kimonos, and some wore long evening dresses. There were serious amount of diamonds everywhere... what a gorgeous night that was.



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