Sunday, June 17, 2012

Light 光

                 "Dawn" ©Rima Fujita 2012

Another Tibetan self-immolated the other day in Tibet. There have been more than 35 Tibetans self-immolated this year. They are sacrificing their lives to call for the international help. As my heart sunk my sorrow was soothed by a beautiful poem from Deepa Mehta's masterpiece flm, "1947 Earth," and the music was written by a genius composer, A.F.Rahman. It's called, "Ishwar Allah Tere Jahaan Mein" and you can hear it on youtube. I found the English translation from Hindi, so I have translated into Japanese myself. This poem moves my heart over and over again. May the light fill the darkness in the world...

Ishwar and Allah, why is there hatred and war in your world.
Your heart is so expansive, why are the hearts of humans so narrow?

When all the land belongs to you, why are there boundaries drawn at every step?
Despite the Sun guarding the earth why is there so much darkness on Earth?
Why is there colour of blood on the ‘daaman’ of the world?

So many screams echo, who can possibly listen to any talks of love?
So many dreams are shattering, who can sift through them?

There are locks on the doors of heart, why is there rust on those locks?
~Javed Akahtar~

昨日もまたチベットで焼身自殺がありました。今年に入ってもう35人を超えるチベット人たちが、自らを犠牲にすることによって、世界に助けを訴えています。 沈みきった心を癒してくれたのは、私が大好きなひとつの詩。ディーパ・メータ監督の傑作映画「1947 Earth」の名曲で、曲は天才作曲家、A.F.Rahmanが書きました。"Ishwar Allah Tere Jahaan Mein" という曲で、youtubeでも聴くことができます。ヒンズー語の歌の英訳をみつけたので、それを和訳してみました。何度読んでも心に響きます。世界中の暗闇に光が差す日が訪れますように、、。











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