Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chai's B'day Party お誕生日会

Well, well, well...! Look at Chai's happy face! He is so thrilled to see his best friend, Wally who came to visit us for Chai's birthday party! Yes, it was a surprise for Chai.

Wally brought Chai some fancy blueberry treats and a big bone for a birthday gift. Chai ate so many treats that made him fart so much in front of the guests..., but he could not care less! They played so much with each other. Chai has not had this much fun for a long time! I cooked for the human guests. I made some pasta with portobello mushrooms and basil, tofu & lentil burgers, grilled chicken, smoked salmon and green salad with pumpkin seeds. Oh, and an amazing apricot tart! (I bought the tart...) The party began with Champagne and lots of laughter. It was such a lovely afternoon. Great company and great dogs. Thank you, Chai, Wally, Wally's family for being in our lives!


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  1. Don Juan says Happy Birthday to Chai and he can't wait to meet him this summer!


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