Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little India リトルインディア

I love India. Its culture, food, chaos, colors, Bollywood, music... I just love them all. However, India is not a cup of tea for me. It is difficult to be there. I always get sick, no matter how well I take care or myself. On each trip, at some point, I end up yelling, "I hate India! I will never come again!" and I always go back again and again... India is like a magnet to my soul!

When I miss India so badly I go to Jackson Heights in Queens. Then I visit each single shop on the strip of 74th Street. Gold Jewelry stores, book stores, incense stores, fabric stores... and the Bollywood music stores. Since I have been going there for years now they all know my tastes in music so as soon as I walk into the store they prepare the "right" CDs for me. After shopping I have a good and large meal - Indian food. Then, of course, a good chai. Sometimes I just go to a supermarket to look at the product packages from India. They are so colorful and beautiful...!

The photo above shows some talc and cream products called, Tibet. Their image of "Tibet" is "snow" and "white," it seems like...I hear that many Indians prefer light skin and the whitening products are huge in India. The photo below shows all kinds of chillies... they all look the same to me, but according to my friends from India they are all different!




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