Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pressure Cooker 圧力鍋

Pressure cooker... it's been in my mind for a few years now. The first time I saw a pressure cooker was at my Tibetan friends' house. They used it every night to make tasty Tibetan meals.
Then I realized that all my Tibetan and Indian friends had pressure cookers at their homes. I assume that they were used to using it high up in the Himalayas where they could not get enough air pressure. Anyway, I know that all my Tibetan friends cook so well and "fast." Pressure cookers are wonderful to conserve time and fuel energy. Yes, it is a "green" item. So after spending enough time researching I learned that there is a Swiss brand called, Kuhn Rikon that is considered as Mercedes Benz of pressure cookers. Then, there is Presto that is the best selling brand in this country. There are hundreds of pressure cooker recipes online, too! I've ordered one online today and I am so excited to make my first signature dish, Dal Makhani, of course!

早速リサーチ好きな私は何時間も調べた結果、Kuhn Rikonというスイス製のものがベストのこと。圧力鍋のベンツと呼ばれているらしい、、、。そしてアメリカで人気ナンバーワンが、プレストという会社のもの。一番売れているそうです。圧力鍋レシピもすごい!オンラインで沢山見れます。お鍋が届いたら早速、私のシグネチャーディッシュのひとつ「ダルマクハニ」(インド料理で黒いレンテル豆のトマトバターソース)を作ろうっと。ああ、楽しみ〜!


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  2. Hello prolix,
    Thank you for reading my blog! I enjoy writing my blog :)


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