Sunday, January 3, 2010

Samurai's daughter サムライの娘

I went back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Samurai Exhibition that will end soon. Since I am not crazy about katana (swords) and yoroi (armors) I was not planning to see it, but my husband wanted to go with me. So I did. On the way to the Met I remembered the fact that my ancestors were samurais (my mother's side) and my late grandmother used to talk about my ancestor samurai stories. The photo above is the samurais from Satsuma Han (Satsuma clan.) My grandmother was from Satsuma (Kagoshima today) and she used to give me key holders with "satsuma" symbol on them when I was a child. They seemed rather silly to me, but I could tell how proud she was of the Satsuma Han. The exhibition was superb. I have never seen such collections even in Japan. They were beautiful. I do not believe in killing, yet, I did think about the "samurai spirit" that once the Japanese had honored. If the "spirit" is in my DNA how can I make it useful to today's troubled world...?


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