Monday, September 27, 2010

Feeling at home... 居心地良く

Taj Mahal meets Hawaii! I could not believe it when I saw this Spam (photo). I thought that the Muslims didn't eat pork. Actually, I don't really know what's in this Spam (I don't want to know), but I am sure that there is pork in there! I was shocked, over excited, overwhelmed and so happy at this exotic market in La Mesa where my friends Dawn and Graham took me to.


I felt like as if I were in an unknown foreign country. There were all kinds of looking people from all over the world. The middle Eastern, Russian, Indian, Asian... I met the workers who were from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Spain, Iran, then I met customers who were from Palestine, India and Mexico! Although I was used to the biggest cultural diversity in NYC this market was amazing. For example, in NYC there are sections for each ethnicity - the Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn for the middle eastern goods, Jackson Heights for the Desi food and so on. But, here, all in one!


I don't know who she is on the label, but her mother must be so proud... この女性が誰か分かりませんが、彼女のお母さんきっと嬉しいしょうネ、、。

The display of the market was so corky! Fresh dates next to the evil eyes. I even found the Indian coconut hair oil in the cooking olive oil section! 店内のディスプレイも可笑しかった。フレッシュなデイツはトルコのイービルアイの横に。インドのココナッツヘアオイルは料理用のオリーブオイルのセクションにありました。

This milk biscuits are from Eastern Europe. I found my favorite jam from Russia - black currant jam for 4 dollars! I fell in love this market... and I will be coming here every week for sure!


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