Sunday, September 26, 2010

TIBET IN SONG and Ngawang Choephel

Ngawang Choephel. Some people may remember this name from the media around the world. This Tibetan man was a famous political prisoner who almost died in the Chinese prison. He had visited Tibet to interview the Tibetans for his research on the Tibetan traditional songs, and there he was... got arrested by the Chinese police. The international attention on Ngawang was brought by celebrities such as Annie Lennox and Paul Macatney, and eventually, he was released. Some years later Ngawang made this film, TIBET IN SONG, and now it is playing in New York City.

My encounter with Ngawang was a bit unusual. I was at the Jackson Heights subway station after buying some desi goodies and food, and a smiley Tibetan man noticed me somehow. We both thought that we looked familiar, and began talking. Of course we had many mutual friends. It was my first time to meet Ngawang, but I thought that I had seen his face before. It was much later that I realized that he was the famous prisoner that I had seen in many media. I am so proud of his endurance and his commitment. Please go see this amazing film!

One night my husband and I ran into Ngawang on the 7 train again. Since we live in So-Cal now I am hoping that his film will show here in San Diego, too. However, there is no subway system here, so that Ngawang and I won't be able to bump into each other!




  1. 今夜見てきました。泣きました。

  2. 私はまだ見れていないんです、、。楽しみにしています!


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