Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Cars... もっと車が、、、

Is this photo of a horrific traffic real? Yes. It is the road from Beijing to China. How HORRIBLE!!!
We, humans have done enough to damage to this earth, and the Chinese will do the final push to end our planet. They are so eager to make money... that is fine, but how about the pollution? They should drive hybrid cars and electric cars, if they have to drive.


On the other hand, we had to purchase the second car yesterday. That is the tragic side of living in California. We need to drive everywhere. I hate it. I miss the dirty and smelly New York subways. They are so much better for the environment. So, our first car was a hybrid, and not the second is a Mini Cooper... because it is small and it uses such a little fuel. We wanted to purchase the electric Mini Cooper, but they are not available in the US. How sad is that? We should have more electric cars here. That is for sure!


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