Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fish tacos フィッシュタコス

I never liked Mexican food, period. I never had a good Mexican food in New York, and when I
was in Mexico I never had an authentic Mexican food because I was scared to eat in a local restaurant and I ended up eating at a fancy hotel every day. In San Diego I finally experienced a truly good Mexican food. I could not believe it. My favorite is the fish tacos. I don't think that we have the fish tacos in New York. If we did I never knew it. I must say that now I am addicted!


The tortilla chips are so crunchy, and they come with all sorts of chili sauces. Most of them are too hot for me, but I always try them. However, as a result of my daring nature my tongue often become paralyzed. Was this skeleton Statue of Liberty(?) on the wall laughing at me!


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