Saturday, November 13, 2010

`Obamaccha` オバ抹茶

I visited the giant Buddha in Kamakura. This statue was built in the 12th century, but also there is a story that it was sent by a tsunami! The president Obama who is in Tokyo currently is visiting this Buddha today. He apparently told the press that he would want to have the green tea ice cream that he had as a boy with his father many years ago. All the local shops have banners saying, `We have Obamaccha.` Maccha means green tea. How funny is that?!

Every single street was closed and guarded by many police men and police cars.

This was my second time to see this huge Buddha. For some reason it seemed bigger each time. Perhaps it is showing the fact that I am getting smaller... well, hopefully my ego, at least!
Obama flew in to Kamakura by a helicopter that was accompanied by five police helicopters. I hope that he was able to enjoy the Obamaccha today!

鎌倉の大仏様を見るのは2度目ですが、なぜか見るたびに大きく見えます。私が小さくなっている証拠でしょうか、、、?少なくとも、私のエゴが小さくなっていると良いのですが!笑 警察のヘリコプター5機に囲まれてヘリコプターで鎌倉へ向かったオバマ大統領。子供の頃の思い出の抹茶アイスを楽しんだことを願います。

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