Monday, November 29, 2010

The Japanese garden 日本庭園

We took a walk to the Japanese garden at the Balboa Park on a typical San Diego sunny day. On the way we saw those beautiful museum buildings that were surrounded by the tall palm trees.


This Japanese garden is a symbol of the friendship between San Diego and Yokohama. There is even a song of their friendship (see the photo), and my husband always asks me to sing it every time we pass this garden! I sang it once, and it was not a good song. (Sorry... to the composer.)


There are many beautiful bonsais at the garden. This one with the vivid flowers are very SoCal!


The carps were large and fat. They must be fed pretty well... and they must have no exercises in a small pond... Carps always remind me of my late grandfather who used to raise beautiful carps at his Japanese garden.

The bamboo bush was sparkling with the sunlight. It was a magical moment for one second, then I saw one family going into the sacred stone garden! I could not believe it. You are supposed to only look at the stone garden, and you are not supposed to walk around in it! There were fences to suggest people not to enter, but many people did it anyway. I softly told the family not to be there, and they were very embarrassed. They just did not understand it well. I talked to the garden's management office, but they told me that they were trying their best to prevent people from going into the stone garden, and there was nothing more they could do... How sad is it?


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