Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lights of Hope 希望の光

These stunning blue beams lit towards the sky infinitely on 9.11. This beautiful photo was taken by my dear friend, Tomo who was truly there for me during that horrifying period in New York. I lived on West Broadway and Broome St, and Tomo on Thompson and Prince St. We checked on each other every day making sure that we stayed sane. One night while I was having a panic attack she called me and said, "Are you all right? Do you want me to come over and spend the night there if you are scared?" This caring gesture from a friend made me feel so much better, and I survived that night alone. I will never forget her kindness.


As I watched the towers collapse with my own eyes in that morning of 9.11 those horrible
images are still so vivid today, and I have had many nightmares for some years. However,
on the 10th anniversary of 9.11 I really wanted to be in New York. It's my home, and I love
New York more than any other places in the world. This photo was taken by my friend, Emily
whom I've known since 13 years old. The beams seem expanding towards the sky as if it's healing the world.


Then, a few days later after 9.11 the Harvest Moon came to us. Needless to say it was unbelievably beautiful, and I watched it for a long time from my window. I was really down that day, and passing my bed time, I still could not sleep. So I worked on the final proof-reading on my upcoming book, "Save the Himalaya." Then, surprisingly, I found a huge fatal mistake that I had not noticed for 6 months! Coincidence? Maybe..., but I thanked the Moon very much. I certainly had to! The Moon gave me power, courage and energy... I even felt the sense of healing. I prayed for the world peace and for our Earth and the Universe, and headed to sleep.


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