Friday, September 16, 2011

Succulents Rescue サボテン救出

Ever since I moved to SoCal last year I've been fascinated with a variety of succulent plants here. They are everywhere, and I see different kinds all the time.


A while ago I began noticing that some succulent plants are thrown out on the street here and there. Perhaps they are accidentally torn by dogs or bicycles... I really don't know. When I walk my dog twice a day I have to watch my dog so carefully to make sure that he wouldn't eat anything on the street. That behavior made me notice those poor damaged succulents.


So I began taking them home and plant them in the soil. I was told that succulents are tough and grow so quickly, and indeed, it is true! Those photos are all succulents that I rescued from
the streets. Aren't they so lovely? I'm so happy that they are growing strong.


However, except this one... This is called "Starfish Cactus," and I see them once a year in my neighbourhood. They are beautiful and eerie, and I am not sure if I want them in my garden. It's good that I haven't seen them "thrown out" on the street so far... I certainly wouldn't know what to do with them then!


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