Friday, September 30, 2011

Art that touches your heart 心に響くアート

I watched Werner Herzorg's new film, "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" (2010) about the 32,000-yr-old cave paintings in Chauvet in South France which were discovered in 1994. I was utterly stunned by those energetic, powerful and breathtakingly beautiful paintings, and they deeply touched me. They were full of spirit, liveliness and love. They are so "alive" that they look as if they are moving. It's hard to believe that those masterpieces were created so many years ago! I visited some villages near the cave a few times, but had no idea about those cave painting. I hiked on the vast rocks not knowing I was so near the amazing ancient art!

ハーゾーグの新しい映画「Cave of Forgotten Dreams」(2011年)を見ました。1994年に発見された、3万年以上も昔に描かれた、南フランスにあるショーヴェーの洞窟の壁画のドキュメンタリーです。このエネルギッシュで、パワフルで息を飲むほど美しい壁画には深く感動しました。生き生きしていてスピリットと愛で溢れています。見ていると動いて見える程、「生きて」いるんです。こんな凄い傑作が、こんなに昔に描かれていたとは!以前、この壁画がある場所の近くの村何度か行ったことがあった私です。岩に登ったりして遊んでいましたが、まさかこんな宝の近くにいたなんて夢にも思いませんでした!

This is Chai's latest art masterpiece. Chai is my pug dog, and his talent is in "art of merde" (art of poop). This time he manages to do it in the dead center of some plants... and if you can see the "merde" closely you will see its amazing shape! Chai's art simply touches my heart just because he is my loving dog ;p


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