Monday, August 30, 2010

The end of Earth and Aliens? 地球の終わりと宇宙人?

Since San Diego Zoo is open at night during the summer we strolled down to see "Baby Frank," the baby gorilla. Again, he was not there in the "display," and my husband was disappointed. So he wanted to go see the elephants instead. I just wanted to go home. I hate zoos. I never liked them even as a child. It breaks my heart to see animals in the cages looking sad and lost. After seeing the depressed elephants we got really depressed. So we went to the restaurant in the zoo to have dinner. The paper place mat (photo above) said that we should save energy to reduce global warming, so that the polar bears won't have to lose their home. It was a good gesture, and I hoped that everyone would read this and take action.


On the way home we saw this poster. Hum... aliens must have funny looking toes. Who knows, in their planets they put humans in the zoo display. Zoos offer so many good things, such as preserving endangered species, researching, etc. However, I still cannot like them. I will never go to the zoo again.


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