Monday, August 23, 2010

Two magical words 2つの魔法の言葉

Our pug Chai has become a California dog. He loves the beach, and he wants to be a life guard when he grows up. His pace has been slowing down, too... like the Californians. Everyday Chai and I use the stairs instead of the elevator. After a long walk the last thing Chai wants to do is to walk up the stairs. He just sits there and would not move... So, what do I say? Always those two words: "Daddy" and "Dinner." Chai loves his daddy (my husband) more than anything in the world... and "dinner" means "any food" that he would not want to miss. So, to motivate this little friend I say those magical words to him. Then, his eyes light up and he starts to dash up on the stairs! How simple is that?


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