Monday, August 16, 2010

I prefer sweets 草より団子

Every day I pass this hut, "All Green" when I walk my dog, and have been wondering what it is. Finally I went closer to the building (the hut) the other day, and found out that they sell "weeds"!

It's really a small hut with no windows. I did not go inside, but I could see a man over the counter. It's funny -the parking lot is huge and there are always many cars parked here! I hear that you can buy weeds for your medical reasons. Of course you need a prescription from your doctor!

Well, since I don't smoke nor do any kind of drugs my interests are more towards sweets. This devil at the Bakery and Ciel was so huge that I got full by just looking at it. It was called chocolate something, but it was like a French version of Babka. Needless to say that it was delicious.


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