Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Missing Ladakh ラダックが恋しい

Ladakh was definitely the most magnificent and special place ever I have visited in my life. It's been two years since I landed on that old kingdom up in the Himalayas, but still today I tear up when I think about that wonderful place. People were so kind, warm and humble, and they taught me so much without any preaching.


The current disaster of the mudslide and heavy rain in Ladakh is breaking my heart. I was able to reach some of my Ladakhi friends in Leh, but still cannot reach some of them. I do not think that their housed that are made of mud would survive.


Many old monasteries from the 11the centuries (or older) were breathtakingly beautiful. I just keep praying that they have survived. "Nothing is permanent," Buddha said. I know, I know..., but those old monasteries were unbelievably exquisite.


May those who are suffering in Ladakh, Tibet and Pakistan, with disastrous mudslide and flood be safe and well. I keep praying for them, and keep thinking what I can do for them.


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