Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Plastic Soup プラスティックスープ

We were invited to this small private chamber music and dinner at the St. Paul's Church. The intimate group of less than 50 guests- all dressed in black- was freezing during the cocktail in the courtyard. The temperature had dropped from the day time 80F to 45F! After sipping chilly cold drinks outside having some warm dinner felt like a savior. Good food, good wine and good live music over the beautiful candle lights... Then the conversation over the dessert led to the "plastic soup" somehow. I had never heard of such word, and it was just too shocking.


So, the Plastic Soup is a "land" of plastic debris floating in the Pacific Ocean, and the size is twice bigger than Texas. As I researched online some said, "the size of the USA" and some said, "the distance between Hawaii and Japan." Whichever may be right, it is huge. It is the world's biggest garbage bin... right in the ocean. How heartbreaking is that?


It is hard to image what it looks like... in the size of two Texas! People have described it as "swirl of soup" because when the plastic melts it becomes this goouey thing. Needless to mention the chemical toxin. So, are there anything we can do to clean up? I guess not. It has been floating for years now, and it is getting bigger and bigger. All we can do is to buy less plastics and throw them in the recycle bins. After such a lovely music and dinner all I could think about was the Plastic Soup. Oh well.


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