Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ravi Shankar in San Diego

Ravi Shankar. What a master he is. I don't remember when I ever heard his music for the first time, but he has been my favorite artist forever. Some years ago at my exhibition in Japan a gentleman with a long hair came with a huge sitar. He greeted me and said, "How do you do. I read that you love Ravi Shankar somewhere, and I came to play for you. I studied with him and this is the sitar that he gave to me." I was thrilled, and let him play the sitar. It was beautiful. However, the director of the sleek gallery did not like the hippy-looking man with a long beard playing the sitar at the gallery. So he was kindly asked to stop. I had never met Ravi Shankar, but that disciple of his brought me closer to the master.

Then, yesterday, I felt even much closer. I found out that Ravi Shankar lives in San Diego!!! He lives in Enchinitas where I love! I could not believe that nobody told me about this. He is 91 years old, but still playing. How amazing is that? And this photo with the Dalai Lama... how great is that?



For some reasons Ravi Shankar's music makes me feel so pure... I feel pure and cleansed. It talks to some deep place in my heart, and it is moving. I cannot wait to see him perform in April.


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