Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Swami Beach & Love スワミビーチとラブ

The Swami Beach in Enchinitas is my favorite beach. It's not only known for the surfing, but it is just beautiful with the emerald green water. I always climb up the Swami Ashram on the hill to look down this gorgeous ocean and its surfers. This place makes you want to come back again and again..., and that is what I do.


At the sunset, there were so many surfers in the ocean. Young and old, men and women... everyone surfs here. As I was trying to photograph this amazing sunset, suddenly a man and a woman appeared in my lens like a romantic movie scene.


Then, look what they did...!  そして、こんなことしちゃった、、、!

These girls were such good surfers. I did not realize that they were female when I had watched them surf.


I am not a surfer, but this beach is a sanctuary for me. It always brings me a joy and makes me feel so at home. A magical place of love, indeed!


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