Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unforgettable sweets 忘れられないスイーツ

I love sweets, and I've had some amazing sweets around the world. When I close my eyes some incredible sweets come to my mind and make my mouth very watery. My number one dessert ever is the peanut chocolate tart at Le Bernardin in New York. I wrote about it before in this blog, but please allow me to repeat that this tart will make you speechless. I would fly to New York just to have this tart (actually, I will do so in spring!) and I certainly wouldn't share it with anyone!


The next heavenly sweet that comes to my mind when I close my eyes... is the tarte tatin at Le Grenouille in New York. This is an old-school-French restaurant and so is the tarte. Mon Dieu (My God), I should say, it was the best tarte tatin ever! It was better than the ones I had in France. The restaurant is filled with beautiful flowers and it is absolutely gorgeous. I had lunch there with my father often, and the elegant owner madame used to come to our table to say "Bonjour." She looked like Sonia Rykiel, the fashion designer. I do not have the photo of the tarte, but it looked like this photo below. It is dark, rustic and dense. It is the real thing. I must have that tarte again before I die...!


The next sweet takes me to Turkey. Have you ever heard of "Dondurma"? It is a Turkish ice cream that is very gooey and gummy. I heard that they mix gum syrups with cream so that it would not melt in the hot climate. I was obsessed with dondurma while I was there, but could not find it in the city such as Istanbul. Perhaps it is more for the tourists. Finally I found it in Cappadocia that is known as the location for the movie, Star Wars. Dondurma tasted like a regular ice cream, but it was gooey indeed. It would stretch out like a long thread. It is not something I must have again, but it was definitely a memorable one.


Another forgettable dessert I have ever had was the stuffed apricot in Turkey. We found this restaurant in Cappadocia one day while we were walking around the local village. It was literally someone's home, and the family served dinner at their dining room. All ingredients came from their garden. Stuffed flowers (with meat inside), stuffed eggplants, stuffed this, stuffed that. Then the dessert time came. Stuffed apricot with almond. It was unbelievable. Apricot was so tender that melted in your mouth, and the almond inside was so aromatic. I remember that I stole my husband's and ate it. I did not take any photos of that amazing apricot dish, but have found something similar. It looked like this photo below. I would go back there just to have this.


There are more unforgettable sweets in my life, so I shall write about them sometimes, but today I will stop now... because all those sweet memories are driving me crazy! (and hungry.)



  1. Thank you for sharing these around the world foods!

  2. My pleasure, Dana! More to come...!


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