Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bang, bang, bangs! 前髪!

Today I'd like to talk about my bangs. Many have told me that it's too short. My mom, my dad and my husband say they are too short.., but I like them that way! When my bangs are long they bother me so much, so I want to keep them above my eyebrows. This photo above is my dear friend in Paris and me. Her hair is short and so are her bangs. Nobody tells her that her bangs are too short. It is not fair!


Look at this beautiful Yanomami girl with short bangs. People often called me, "Yanomami bangs," and I took it as a compliment, and thank you very much!


One day I was enjoying my lunch at a cafe, and again someone asked me, "Why are your bangs so short?"and totally spoiled my lunch!


Betty Page had short bangs. It was her trademark. I personally think that she would have been much sexier if her bangs were longer, but I guess that she liked them short, too...


Those bangs are hard to figure out. I am not sure if they are long or short since I don't know if those dolls even have eyebrows. Anyway, they look good to me...


The ultimate short bangs belong to Dr. Zaius from the "Planet of the Apes." His bangs are the classic bobbed and very stylish! (?) And... I have one bad news for you. A few months ago I completely changed my hair style, and I no longer have my signature short bangs. Those days are over, and I feel sad about it, but I had to make that decision to keep my hair healthy. I used to straighten my hair every year for 15 years that is really bad for it, so I finally decided to take advantage of my naturally wavy hair. Now I have very long bangs. Are you happy now?


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