Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Palm Springs パームスプリングス

It's the second day in Indian Wells, and we drove towards Palm Springs. We could see some snow mountains over palm trees, and it was just so surreal. The scenery reminds me so much of Ladakh except the palm trees. We drove for about 30 minuets, and saw this spectacular view of the snow mountains, palm trees and hundreds of wind power mills!


Then, I could not believe my own eyes. I saw this snowy mountain behind me, and it looked just like Mt.Kailash in Tibet! Now I felt as if I were in Tibet, not Ladakh. I did not know where I was anymore... it was hard to believe I was in Palm Springs in California!


After running around the desert I was craving for some desserts. We went to a famous Jewish deli in town, and had to choose a dessert... as there were so many sweets!


It took me a while to choose one, and this mille feuille won my attention. It was so big and tall. So tall and white like the Mt. Kailash. It was not easy to eat it. So we went wild.


Are you telling me, "Oh, you have no manners!"? I would have gone to the hell of guilt if I ate the whole cream! Was it good? Well, it was certainly not a French quality, but really good. Plus, this was so "local" and so American. After all I was in Palm Springs, and not in Tibet... :)



  1. Ahh yes I see you took my recommendation and went to Sherman's. Looks like it did not disappoint. D

  2. Thank you for the great recommendation, Dawn!


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