Monday, April 4, 2011

Indian Wells インディアンウエルズ

I arrived at this beautiful Spanish style villa in Indian Wells today. It is near Palm Spring, and it took about two hours by car from San Diego. We are staying here for a few days to take a look at the art galleries in the area.


The villa has a beautiful garden and the pool. The weather is perfect for me - 82F, sunny and dry!
The mountains, palm trees, the blue sky... and the strong desert Sun. It cannot be better!


The landscape reminded me of Ladakh, the northern India. The yellow and purple desert flowers were everywhere, and it was so beautiful.


In the middle of the desert I craved for the seafood somehow... This is ridiculous because I can get one of the best seafood in San Diego, so why should I eat the seafood in Indian Wells? I don't know, but I ended up ordering the seafood paella and the crab cake! However, when you think about it what is really a desert food anyway? Everything is shipped from everywhere else, so it does not really matter. Perhaps tomorrow I will find out what is more "local" to eat. Will let you know!


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