Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Future of Medicine 医学の未来

Last night I had a rare opportunity to be invited to hear Dr. William Brody talk, the president of Salk Institute that is a renowned scientific research center in La Jolla. As an artist I have been always curious about Salk Institute because of its architecture which was designed by Louise Khan. (photo above.) A movie producer friend of mine in New York made a documentary film on him called, "My Architect," and also Louise Khan used to live near my husband's family in Philladelphia. Dr. Brody used to be the president of Johns Hopkins University for many years. I have made a book and a calender on tuberculosis that was partially funded by Johns Hopkins Hospital, so I felt a connection there.


The discussion on the future medicine had two other guest speakers. Dr.Eric Topol, the CAO of Scripps Healthcare and Dr. Jay Flatley, the CEO of Illumina which is one of the fastest growing bio-tech companies in the world. Three of them talked about where the future bio science and its technology are leading us. They talked about genome. They talked about personalized medicine. They talked about having your heart rate data icon on your iphone! It was so fascinating even though I did not understand many things they were talking about (there were so many technical terms that I had never heard of!)


Yet, it was so inspiring. I have always been an artist who is inspired by non-artists. I enjoy meeting people who are totally different from me. However, I always find creativity in their work, and that is the beauty of it. Science and Art. They have been the eternal magical combination for centuries after all.


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