Saturday, April 16, 2011

The SoCal Eco & Ego 南カリフォルニアのエコ&エゴ

I see it everywhere - people in T-shirts and shorts sitting at outdoor restaurants under the propane heaters. Although I love living in SoCal this is one thing I detest. People here are in denial. They don't want to accept the fact that even SoCal gets cold once in a while. SoCal people don't carry their jackets or sweaters, and even if they did they would not wear them. They rather sit under the propane gas heater in their tank tops and shorts, and I find it totally pathetic!


If it's cold outside we should simply put on the jackets or sweaters and not eat outside. However, that is not how it is here in SoCal. See the giant heater (photo below)? This is everywhere, and people expect them to be there. They feel entitled to eat outside without jackets or sweaters. I find it so egoistic.


It's been said that propane gas is harmless to the environment. Maybe so, but it is still waste of energy, and I really think that the Californians have established a bad habit for many years. "Go inside if it is too cold to eat outside. Or bundle up and go outside. Don't waste energy just because you want to stay in your T-shirts and shorts to pretend that it is warm outside!" I am shouting.


To have a dinner in the nature like this once in a while (photo above) may be romantic and lovely, but is it really worth it? Can you at least bundle up and stop pretending it is not cold outside?

The state of California is supposed to be the biggest state on hybrid cars. According to the regional data of hybrid cars California is number one followed by Floria, Texas, New York, Virginia, Illinois, Washington, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, but I do not see many hybrid cars here in SoCal, and I used to see many more in New York. Perhaps it's because not every hybrid car indicates that it is hybrid. In any case, I'd like to believe that the Californian are green conscious as I was told. However, this outdoor dining obsession is not cool at all.

The restaurant owner near my house once told me that they spent so much money for the propane gas every month. They hate it, but if they don't have heaters outside the customers would not come. He also told me that the customers don't like to wear jackets or sweaters outside. I definitely call it the California ego.





  1. I agree with your wholeheartedly. I don't like those heaters here in NYC either, as they sometimes show up. Stupid waste of energy and money.

    Maybe there will be a better way someday to manage this.

    Solar heat stored and recycled somehow?

    When I studied at the University of Miami, I always had to take a sweater to compensate for frigid rooms where the a.c was cranked so high and never turned off it felt like cold storage, not comfort.

    My friend Nina had all the radiators removed from her NYC apartment because in the winter the heat was oppressive. Even with no radiators, her place is comfortable in the winter, there is so much radiant heat in the building and with southern exposure. We NY'ers all know this syndrome - too much radiant heat in a nyc apartment.

    Maybe you can try bringing you and your friend(s) to a restaurant with sweaters and/or jackets and ask the maitre'd to turn the heater off!!?

  2. I hear you, Jeff! The AC system in America needs to be updated. There is so much wasting energy as you said. I just don't dine outside if it's cold. It is simple as that!


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