Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Down with a cold... ちょっとダウン

After my exhibition and book launch in Tokyo are over I got this bad coughing cold. Every time I come home to my parents once a year I seem to manage to be sick, and I feel pretty bad about it... So my parents made some home made dumplings and udon noodles for me. They make everything from a scratch. My father puts on one of his favorite operetta, "Merry Widow" and when the entire CD is over preparation is usually finished. Needless to say the dumplings and udon were delicious! A bad cold is going around Tokyo - hope you take care of yourselves!



  1. 理麻さん。お疲れさま。お風邪、大変ですね。ほんと流行ってますからね。うちでも息子がひいて、けっこう長引きました。この際、ご両親のあったか〜い愛情に甘えて、ゆっくりご養生なさってください。

  2. Kyokoさん、ありがとうございます!息子さんもお大事に!


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