Sunday, November 6, 2011

Good bye, Tokyo さようなら東京

Once again this year's visit to Tokyo was so hectic that I did not even have one single day off - no time for shopping, eating out, nothing. A few hours before my departure for California I finally had 15 minuets to check out the local Seven Eleven, and found this. A green tea white chocolate bagel. My first reaction was "gross" because I hate white chocolates (they are not even chocolates!) However, I thought how Japanese that was, and was curious enough to try it. Being a bagel lover my family has been suffering from not having an authentic New York bagels ever since they have returned from New York. My parents in Tokyo have tried all bagels in Tokyo, but have not found any good ones yet. Bagels in Japan look like the real bagels, but the texture is totally fake - too fluffy. Surprisingly, this green tea bagels had good texture!..., but the taste was unfortunately what I had expected it - not good. However, this bagels gave me a small fun at the end of my long trip in Tokyo. Japan always amuses me with her unique creation! Tokyo, until the next time!


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