Thursday, January 5, 2012

Art of "Merde" Part 2 チャイのウンチアートその2

This pug peeing standing is not my pug, Chai, but Chai pees and poos just like that. I've been trying to photograph him to prove it to you, but every time I try to catch him with my camera he stops doing his magical style. He must be a bit shy. Anyway, trust me, I am not lying!


I wrote about his "art of merde" back in August last year.
Since then, Chai has been polishing his skill to bring his art into the next level. His "merde" has been put up much higher than ever before!


Today he managed to create a beautiful piece right on the cactus. Not only that... when you look at it carefully his "merde" has a fascinating shape...! Do you see what I see?!? lol
Chai has become a serious artist. Now he is almost 3 years old, and he is no longer a child. It's about time that he makes his own living... with his organic & natural creation!

今日はカクタスの上に美しい作品を創作しました。それだけじゃありません、、よく見ると何か興味深い形をしていませんか?笑 チャイはシリアスな芸術家になりつつあるようです。もうすぐ3歳。もう子供じゃないですね。そろそろ自立しないと、、、そう、オーガニックでナチュラルな創造でね!

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