Monday, January 9, 2012

Cacao Tree カカオの木

The first time ever I saw this Mexican chocolate was at a party hosted by the Mexican Consulate people. The caterers were busy making the famous Mexican hot chocolate in the kitchen using this round-disk chocolate. The Mexican chocolates have cinnamon and much less milk in them (That is what I heard.) As a chocoholic myself this was extremely fascinating!


Recently I noticed that there was a cacao tree near my house. A cacao tree in San Diego? Hum... I couldn't believe it, but hey, it is a cacao tree, indeed! I walk by the tree twice a day every day, just to see if any of the "fruits" would be fallen on the ground. Why? So that I can take it home (so far no luck.) I will take out the beans, ferment them, dry them, take the cacao power out of them, and make some chocolate... yes, I am serious!


I have so many of this 85% Dark Chocolate from Trader Joe. They were given to us over the Christmas holidays. 85% is intense... I like 70%. So no one eats them, and they are just sitting on our kitchen counter for days..., but I like the package drawing. I've looked at it every single day for long enough that as if this cacao fruit has manifested near my house! Again tomorrow I will walk by the cacao tree to see if a fruit has fallen. Wish me luck :)



  1. I hope you get the cacao tree! I have to say, my favorite chocolate (so far...) has been Endangered Species mint chocolate or Lulu's chocolate. Lulu's is all fair trade and absolutely fantastic, with lots of flavor.
    tell us if you are able to get that cacao pod!

  2. Hello Tera! Thank you for sharing your fav. chocolates! I shall certainly try them. My fav. right now is Alter Eco's Velvet Dark. Oh, it is soooo good! The cacao fruits have not fallen yet :)


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