Monday, December 13, 2010

Fun & lazy Sunday night 楽しくレイジーな日曜日の夜

We got together with 4 friends on Sunday night, and we dined at the Burger Lounge in Hillcrest. Since my husband and I had been attending many holiday parties we have not had enough greens, so I ordered a salad. OMG, that was big. My turkey burger was very tasty and juicy.., but a bit salty.


My husband who came to dinner right after the intense bikram yoga class ordered large fries and onion rings. Oh, and a beer. How healthy is that??? lol


After the big burgers we had to finish our Sunday meal with some tarty yogurt. We treated ourselves at the popular Pinkberry. As a chocolate lover I had chocolate yogurts with coconut flakes, almonds and chocolate crispies as toppings. Good & easy food with a great and fun company... it was a perfect lazy Sunday night.


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