Thursday, December 16, 2010

What kind of cafe? どんなカフェなの?

I pass this "cafe" everyday when I walk my dog. One day I noticed that they had some exotic looking stuff inside, such as an Indian table, but they did not seem to serve coffee. Also, the red letter "R" had always attracted me since it is my initial. However, I had never seen people in there, so I'd never gone inside. Paul and I decided to go in and ask who they were. Well, well, well. It was a medical marijuana shop. It is where you purchase marijuana for your medical reasons. That is right, this is San Diego. Marijuana is everywhere. I smell it on the street, I see people smoking in the park and on the streets, I smell it in the kitchen of a restaurant. It is no big deal for the locals, but coming from New York it's still a surprise for me to see it being so available everywhere!



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