Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday cheers ホリデーチアーズ

It's freezing cold and snowing in New York. It's sunny and warm here in San Diego, and the Santa is happy about it! ニューヨークは零下で雪。ここサンディエゴは晴れで暖か。サンタさんも幸せ!

People get into decorating their gardens with the holiday spirit. Did this Santa dog bring gifts for the duck babies?


A cactus Christmas tree! なんと、クリスマスツリーもカクタス!

A doorstep of somebody's house has a beautiful wreath with all sorts of cacti plants.

The Christmas in San Diego seems so tropical to me. The Santa, rein deers and Christmas trees are surrounded by cactus plants and flowers. However, we saw this amazing collection of Xmas light decoration at a friend's house. Once you are inside the house everything is the same - the tall Xmas pine trees and some large knitted socks hung by the fire place. Oh, needless to say that the fire places are not necessary in SoCal!


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