Friday, December 3, 2010

Jean Louis Etienne ジャンルイエティエン

This French man was the first man who reached the North Pole alone in 1986. He walked for 8 hours everyday, and it took him 63 days... by himself. I don't know how he could stay sane! I was invited to meet him at a French school in La Jolla. Not only he's a world famous explorer he is also a physician, scientist and a passionate environmentalist, and he talked about global warming, and warned that it is a truly serious matter that we all must go green now. It means that we must develop more green energy, period.

His expertise on global warning was impressive, but painful to hear at the same time. When you care about something it is often painful. Life is much easier when you don't care about anything..., but if your heart keeps hurting to learn about the earth's disasters you just cannot stay still. We must do whatever we can.



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