Sunday, June 12, 2011

Avec Eric Ripert エリック・リペールと

A special friend of mine, Eric Ripert, a celebrity chef from Le Bernardin in New York and I met again at the Tibet House Museum to help organize an auction event for the Tibetan Community Center Project, hosted by the Office of Tibet. He and I worked hard together last year to organize a charity luncheon with the Dalai Lama to raise funds for the Tibetan Community Center. My family has been his restaurant's fan for many years, and needless to say that not only I am a big fan of his cuisine, but his great personality.


The weather that day could not be worse. It was 100F, humid and raining. The AC was broken at the Tibet House Museum, but Eric and his chef team of 5 prepared some fabulous hors d'oeuderves! He served some salmon, tuna, along with those fresh tomatoes with basil that were so refreshing!


This watermelon soup was incredible! It had such a complex flavor that lingered in your mouth...


And the delicious desserts! When Eric was preparing the food in the backroom I noticed the cute little canelles, and could not help screaming, "Oh my god! Are those canelles?!" He laughed, and offering them to me, "Take some, Rima!" The canelles are my weakness. It was sooo gooood!


Tibet House Museum has beautiful collections of Buddhist statues and paintings. I had my solo exhibition here some years ago. It is run by Dr. Robert Thurman, a Buddhist scholar from Columbia University. His daughter, Uma, the actress has one of my work, "Meditation Tree" (photo below) at her house. Bob Thurman and his family have been my good friends, and it is wonderful that she has one of my favorite pieces I have ever done. "Meditation Tree" was created right after my trip to Jakarta, visiting Borobudur, the biggest Buddhist ruins in the world. Because of my passionate interest in Tibet I've met so many wonderful people around the world!


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